May 18, 2024



How to Get Business From Your Website

The above question is being asked almost all the people in getbusinesstoday circles today. Since the dot com bubble in the year 2000, many of the websites have come down, particularly portals which started off with a lot of steam. The real reason for the portals to down their shutters was an absence of a revenue model. The planning to spend the money was immaculate but the planning to get the money was not there. This puts me to question that the website that is owned by businesses is that generating any business for the owners or not ? Seriously, do answer my question, is your website getting any business for you ? Probably, this might come as a thunder bolt for you, since you view your website as nothing more than an online catalog of your products/services, but wake up guys, your website should get business for you. Period. You will ask me how does a website get business. OK, tell me you are making a website for whom ? For yourself, NO !

For your existing customers, NO ! [because they probably know you and they wont go to your website to see what you are selling or what your contact details are]. for potential/new customers, YES ! Yes, we all get our website designed for potential/new customers, who do not know us yet. If my business aids in bringing new customers to me, than I can say that my website is getting business for me, But How ? that is the vital question. After your website is developed, how many people know about it ?

A handful of your business associates & friends ? Not done ! Your website needs to be known to the potential customers who are looking out for your products & services. For this, we need to consider where are all the potential customers searching for products/services ? On the Search engines of course, like . So, when a potential customer is searching for your products/services on search engines, your website should be ranked on the top of search results over there to get business from them. Tough Job, isn’t it ? Yes, believe me, it’s a tough job to rank higher on search engines, because at this place you are facing competition from the whole world. But don’t you worry we will provide you with Web Promotion guidelines in the next article which will help you rank higher in search engines. Web Design Temple, a web designing company from India specializes in designing of websites that rank higher on search engines and bring business for you. We design websites that follow the technical & designing guidelines provided by various search engines, and we also incorporate the cream of our study worth 10 years in this industry and design your website so that it gets top position in search engines.