June 15, 2024



Apple Makes Swift Open Source: What Is the Impact on App Development?

At its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (best magento development companies), Apple introduced Swift as a compiled programming language for iOS, OS X and WatchOS. Apple describes the Swift as safe, fast, interactive and modern programming language for iOS, OS X and WatchOS. At the recently concluded WWDC 2015, Apple announced its decision to make Swift open source later this year. The company also announced Swift 2.0 with a new error handling API, better performance, and a number of new features. As an open source programming language, it can now be used by small companies and freelance app developers. At the same time, like other open source technologies Swift will also be supported by a large and active community. So Swift 2.0 will have a huge impact on iOS and OS X application development.

How Swift 2.0 will Impact iOS and OS X Application Development?

Migration from Objective-C to Swift

With the introduction of Swift, most app developers would prefer to use Swift over Objective C. Swift also makes it easier for developers to write applications in a quicker and simpler way. Thus, it becomes essential for both beginners and seasoned iOS app developers to learn and use the new open source programming language.

Beginners can Learn and Use Swift Easily

Swift borrows a number of features from other programming languages like C#, Ruby, Python, Java and JavaScript. But it still lacks several advanced features provided by other modern languages. The developers familiar with these programming languages can learn and use Swift without putting any extra time and effort. In addition to using its simple syntax, the developers are also not required to use header files. At the same time, the programmers also have option to import C libraries and Objective-C modules to Swift simply using the import statements. Now it will be easier for developers to master the open source programming language and start writing iOS apps within a shorter amount of time.

Reduced Development Cost

Most developers prefer developing apps for iOS and OS X to get higher returns. A number of reports have also highlighted how iOS makes it easier for developers to monetize their mobile apps and get higher returns. But iOS app development is often considered to be more expensive than Android app development. As Apple is going to make Swift open source, the enterprises and developers can now use the programming language without paying any licensing fees and royalty. The open source programming language will further help small businesses and freelance developers to reduce development cost significantly.

Emphasis on the Latest Version of XCode

Before the release of XCode 6.0.1, developers have to handle bugs, unexpected errors and crashes while writing iOS apps in Swift. But Xcode 6.0.1 made it easier for programmers to write complex iOS apps in the programming languages. For instance, the Swift Interactive Playground included in Xcode 6.0.1 enabled programmers to write code in Swift and check the results instantaneously. Also, the code completion features of the Swift Interactive Playground makes it easier for beginners to learn the programming language and observe how it interacts with various APIs. So while using Swift 2.0, the programmers have to use the most recent version of Xcode and iOS emulator. Apple is expected release the upcoming version of Xcode with a number of new features and functionality to effectuate iOS app development with Swift.