April 19, 2024



How the Higher Mind Can Create Healing Miracles

When I was sixteen, I saw a flyer at a bus stop. It said, “Did You Know That the Mind Can Heal?” I picked up the flyer and took it home, and I distinctly remember my feeling of awe. I knew that this was something I wanted to dive into and discover its secrets.

Years later, I found a book called The acim free resources of Metaphysical Healing. Now out of print, the book was about a woman named Evelyn Monahan who healed herself of blindness and a paralyzed right arm. She developed a technique called “The Metaphysical Healing Technique” that has stayed with me for many years, and I’ll tell you more about it as you read on.

When you reach your higher mind or assist others to reach theirs, possibilities open beyond anything you’ve ever been able to accomplish before. This higher mind is infinite and contains no limits. You can reach it through awareness or prayer or sheer intention. You make a profound healing connection, and you open to the healing power.

A number of years ago, I worked with Bob who had an inoperable cancerous tumor in his right lung. First he healed his anger and frustration and adopted a greater healing attitude. He wanted to understand mental healing and be in touch with his spirit. With the healing technique, he imagined the healing process of his cancer with the white cells carrying away the cancerous cells, and then he imagined the growth shrinking. Next he envisioned his doctor telling him it was a miracle that he was now healed.

He spoke to the consciousness of his cells, saying, “Complete healing is happening in all my cells. You are all working in perfect harmony now.” Next Bob imagined a pool of healing water, and as he waded in, the water washed away anything he didn’t need in his body and brought him new life. He imagined himself holding his great grandchildren, feeling joyful, full of faith and life. He put his thumb together with his index finger, saying, “I am healing myself now.”

This approach, together with nutrition and other healing tools, gave Bob many years more of his life. He had also shifted his attitudes and connected with his spirit.

You can also do this for your own self. Miracles may take place soon – or it may take a while. Divine timing has its own schedule. You have resources in your spirit to transform life at its core by making this connection. With the wisdom of your higher self and the power of your healing mind, you can create shifts in consciousness that profoundly alter the course of your life.