April 18, 2024



Can Dressing-Up for a Wedding Turn Into a Miracle?

“The gift of individuation is the discovery of the a course in miracles youtube channel within us, and the continual revelations daily when we live from that place of self-discovery.” ~ Anita Briggs

We all have attended social events, and there comes a time in which we can choose to change our perception and expect miracles. Today I want to share with you something that happened to me last week, as I was getting ready for a friend’s wedding…

The prior week to the event I started noticing some feelings of anxiety and stress coming up. I became very aware of the fact that attending social events in which I felt “exposed” to other people’s perceptions, social standard and limiting beliefs was making me feel unsettled.

I was constantly taking myself out of the moment and projecting myself into the future. My mind started filling up with questions such as: What should I wear to look my best? What are other people going to think about me? Should I choose this hairstyle or that other one?

In the midst of all the mind chatter, I became aware of all this insanity. I was holding on to past interpretations, past insecurities, past stories, past identities and a false meaning of life. And when we live under the shadows of that past, the Ocean’s powerful flow will feel destructive. And that is exactly the way I was feeling at that precise moment.

So it became clear: It is not so much the act of dressing up that is important, but it is the consciousness behind the act of dressing up that determines whether or not we are creating a miracle.

There is a big difference between wanting to dress up to celebrate our boundless beauty vs. wanting to dress up to feel safe and accepted. The Infinite Being is seeking to express within us all the time.

The moment we let our love for a higher order of life be our passion to let go of all preconceptions of what should be in the world, we will enter into the miraculous perception that will expose and engage with the underlying perfection behind appearances.

Wear the dress for you. Wear it to feel self-expressive, not reflected in the eyes of others. When you feel you are in mirrors of others, just observe and go back to feeling all the beauty expressing from within, for the joy of it and for the power of emanating divine beauty into the world.