April 24, 2024



What is Your Relationship With Money?

Whenever I do a compelling conversation with a guest there are numerous questions that are submitted around the topic of مكن عد و فرز; how to increase income, attract more clients, and ways to shift from lack and struggle to more abundance and flow. Money is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

Despite the negative news about the economy that feeds into fear and constriction, throughout history we have experienced numerous times that have created concerns about our financial future and survival that have culminated in enormous growth, innovations, and fortunes. Today we have the opportunities to create a grand future filled with limitless money, abundance and joy. There is plenty of wealth in the world for those who are willing to reach for it and allow the flow into their lives. Looking at your relationship with money will determine what you manifest in the coming days, weeks, and years.

Every thought, feeling, belief, and action has manifesting energy: the power to create what you desire or more of what is undesired depending on the amount of attention and emotional charge invested. The more attention and energy you give to your thoughts and feeling, the faster you manifest.

Sue is a successful financial advisor working for a large financial services company. Starting as a secretary, she worked her way up in the company to make a comfortable six figure income. She never imagined making that much money and she wanted to raise her earning capacity. She said she felt stuck at her current income level despite her efforts to expand her business. When we dug deeper into her thoughts, feeling and beliefs about money, she realized she had some limiting beliefs about her self-worth, fears of success, and unconscious programs rooted in childhood that were linked to her father’s attitudes about money. Once cleared, she was able to get unstuck form her current financial plateau and grow her business exponentially.

My friend Morgana Rae says, “Money is not a number, it’s a relationship.” Known as the Money Magic Queen, she developed a powerful & unique 5-step process of attracting wealth with financial alchemy by creating a “money honey” who will shower you with money and abundance when you are aligned with your relationship with money. Each morning the message below pops up in my Outlook for me to read out loud. It includes the five statements suggested by Morgana

Money Set Points

As a popular broadcaster, I had a recent Compelling Conversation with Million Dollar Marketing Coach, Kendall Summerhawk. We talked about “money set points”. Kendall described how we bump up against money walls. Below is a brief excerpt from our conversation.

“The money set point is the dollar amount that we currently have subconsciously programmed way down deep in the recesses of our subconscious that we have programmed as being acceptable to make.” On the outside, people say they want to make more money, “Oh, I’m in business, I’m working hard and I want to make more money.” They say, “Sure I’d love to make a million bucks, that sounds great!” Well let’s see where your money set point is so we know where you’re starting from right now.

Let me give you the formula and there is a very easy thing you can do to raise the dollar amount. See, what happens is that even though we may be saying that we want to make more money, internally we have this dollar amount set to a certain figure, a particular number.If we’re not making that number after a period of time, we’re going to give ourselves a kick in the butt and make some money and get back to that sort of neutral place.

But if we start to make more money, it triggers something deep in our subconscious that tells us it is not okay, “Nope, this is not okay, I am not comfortable here, I am threatened in some way,” so we create sabotage in our lives. The sabotage can look like external events like the car breaks or an unexpected house bill or whatever. Certainly things do just happen. But really, I don’t think they just happen though. I think from the law of attraction standpoint it is a form of self sabotage.

So, here is the formula so you know exactly where your dollar is. The formula is to take the last 12 months, month by month, to look at the last 12 months of money that you have brought it. You want to count, it all counts no matter where it came from, even found on street, gift money, birthday money (my grandma still give me birthday money every year, it’s very cute!), money from a spouse, money from a job, it doesn’t matter, it all counts.