July 18, 2024



Wall Insulation: Problems and Solutions

Cavity Wall Spray Foam Insulation  Dallas TX is mainly used to overcome the problem of cavity in the walls. Cavity is the air gap between the two layers of brickwork which was introduced to stop the water from coming inside the house through the walls. But these cavities do not prevent air to pass through the walls and enter the house. That causes problems such as your house gets cool in winter season and warm in the summer season due to air passing through these cavities. That’s why insulation is used to fill up these cavities and other gaps in your house form where unnecessary air can come to your house.

There are some problems while insulating these wall cavities which are:

-Since cavity is generally used to prevent the rain water from coming inside the house through the walls, it is generally considered that filling the cavity using insulation will allow this happen.

-It is also considered that installing wall insulation may cause damage to the brickwork. But in most cases, it is not true. The insulation is applied by drilling holes between the T-joints in the cement. Drilling can remove parts from brick corners, but that can be easily re-filled with the color matched cement.

Home insulation can also sometimes create ventilation problems. Installing wall insulation cuts down the natural flow of air in the house.

-Greater care should be taken while choosing right insulation for your house. With insulation there must be a warranty.

Some other steps that you can follow to make your house proper insulated are:

-Your attic is a big source of heat loss from home and is one of the easiest places to get in to. Just insulate it properly and you can save a lot of energy.

– Lots of heat looses through the spaces around windows and doors. So these parts should be insulated properly.

– Small openings in your home allow heat to escape. Small openings may be the spaces behind electric switch plates on exterior walls, the small openings that are used to run electricity, internet lines into your home and openings where plumbing pipes enter the house. Foam insulation works great for filling small openings.

-Along with all other parts of the house, basement is also quite important for the purpose of insulation. Home basements may have little holes that let heat escape. You can use paper-faced insulation on exposed ceiling joints and apply small pieces of insulation into open cavities at the juncture of basement walls and the ceiling.

-The most common and easy way to reduce loss of heat through windows is to use curtains and blinds. Curtains can be closed at night to prevent cold air from coming inside your home and opened during the day to allow sunlight to enter the house to make it warm.

R-value is a measure of quality of any insulation material. It measures insulation’s capability to prevent free flow of heat and air from outside to inside the house. Insulation can be applied to many areas of house such as outside walls of your house, Top of the house etc.