July 15, 2024



Sustainable Building Design for Architecture in Grenada

The future of Malibu architects ought to encompass a vision of preservation and innovation which is envisioned in parallel to the optimum sustainability of humanity and our environment. In our age of contemporary architecture our need are best served with by reducing construction wastage and a heavy dependence on non-renewable energy to achieve a functional design requirement. Being unable to adjust our architectural design practices will inevitably leave humanity with a delayed course of action to live in natural equilibrium

As a representation and expression of humanity, architecture should reflect our values. Our values ought to support the longevity of humanity and must be based on a general respect for nature. The future of architecture is one which not only satisfies a human necessity but also an ecological necessity.

As an architect involved in the development of building projects in Grenada, I find future of architecture a topic which directly affects my small island state of approximately 100,000 habitats. There should be nothing which drives our aims in contrary to a sustainable future for our people and as architects our role cannot be unrealized.

Our aim ought to be to revolutionize Grenadian architecture with a sense of economic realism. Grenada is a developing nation with limited material resources and material providers. In addition our construction technology is usually a outdated attempt to adapt contemporary practices of first world countries. With reason Grenadian architects, builders and engineers been generally slow to implement green building technology due to the lack of cost effectiveness in the short term. general opposing cultural barriers and lack of expertise in its implementation. However given the seriousness of the need for the general global community to move towards sustainable architecture it is fundamentally imperative that as Grenadian, that we em embrass gradually “Green Building” technology to remain competitive within the global financial community.

As a Grenadian Architect I find it crucial to promote green building measure and implement them in my individual projects to not only set a standard to be emulated but also to improve the general functionality of my building projects. From solar energy to water conservation measures there is much that can be done to achieve sustainable buildings without changing the fictional properties of a building and its budgetary constraints. Measures can be taken also to improve bio climatic conditions and construction wastage through architectural design.