April 16, 2024



Preventing Malicious Spyware or Adware from Hijacking Your Computer

The Federal Trade Commission sms gateway announced that it had used existing fair trade laws in asking a federal court to shut down some of the leading distributors of malicious “spyware” or “adware” software. This type of malicious software may be lumped with viruses, worms, and spam, and is all referred to as “malware” – short for malicious software.

Spyware and adware are software that is installed on your computer, generally without your knowledge, that monitors or controls your computer’s use. The software may send pop-up ads, redirect you to an un-requested website while you are on the Internet, monitor your Internet activity or record your keystrokes while you are online. This recording of keystrokes may lead to identity theft or credit card fraud.

The online marketers who distribute this type of software maintain that you have downloaded the software to help them better service your Internet marketing needs. They would also state that you received their software as part of another free software package that you downloaded and installed. Lastly, that during the download process, that you clicked on the “agree” button, where there was their statement that you would accept online pop-up ads for their advertised products.

This same software that have victimized individuals with a mysterious change in their opening Internet page, a new default search engine, an avalanche of pop-up ads while online, computer slow downs or a computer crash – know the software as spyware.

Simply clicking on a banner ad can install spyware software. Worms, which are self-propagating viruses, can also carry spyware. They search for machines that don’t have up-to-date security patches and install their crippling software. Spyware may also be distributed by email.The terms “spyware” and “adware” are the essentially same type of software. They are software that you may not be aware of running on your computer.