June 17, 2024



Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle – Laugh in the Face of Infertility

Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy teacher of teachers is a book that holds great promise as a guide and resource for women and couples who are either suffering from infertility or having difficulty in becoming pregnant. Laid out in an easy to follow and understand manner, Lisa Olson promises to help those who wish to become pregnant by using natural and holistic methods based around her five prong approach to overcoming infertility.

Lisa Olson wrote Pregnancy Miracle after herself overcoming infertility by using these same methods. After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility and being told that there was nothing more that modern medicine could do for her, Mrs. Olson began researching infertility treatments and describes her search for a cure as an obsession. 14 years later she found success after finding information from a nutritionalist about Traditional Chinese Medicine… a piece of the puzzle that made it possible for her to have her first child at the age of 43… and age when most couples were sending children off to college or would have long given up trying.

While she felt that she was on to something and that her pregnancy was not a fluke Lisa Olson set out to prove that her methods were indeed the reason for her success in getting pregnant. After writing Pregnancy Miracle she tested her system on other women who were having difficulty in getting pregnant. Within three months 27 out of 39 women aged 28 to 47 who had been having difficulty in getting pregnant wound up conceiving.

Over the years Lisa Olson has further refined and improved her system and updated Pregnancy Miracle. In addition to the book she also offers 3 months of one on one counseling to help address any questions, concerns or specific questions that you may have about your particular problems in becoming pregnant which should show you how much she cares and believes in her life’s work.

While there is a wealth of information out there in the form of book and advice from infertility specialist it might be of particular note that Pregnancy Miracle focus’s on more than just female reproductive health. Where the saying goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”, Pregnancy Miracle also provides information on male reproductive health so no stone is left unturned. It would indeed be an oversight to forget about the male half of the baby making equation and Lisa Olson addresses this often overlooked subject in an attempt to cover every aspect of infertility.

Although many couples have turned to the pages of Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle and found success after being turned away by infertility specialist and going the route of modern medicine, there are an increasing number of couples that are finding success before being officially diagnosed with infertility. While doctors may say that you aren’t officially infertile until you have been trying to conceive for a year many couples are deciding to forgo the months of disappointment and instead take their reproductive health into their own hands and incorporate many of the methods in Pregnancy Miracle into their lives preemptively.

This isn’t particularly unusual and often after trying to conceive for a few months without success it might be readily apparent that there is a problem. Many women turn to ovulation predictors and basal thermometers to try to find success which is much akin to throwing a dart in the dark hoping that they might find success. Now others are becoming more educated about the numerous problems that may be the root cause of their infertility and choosing to do something about it themselves.

Overall, Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle is a very well respected resource with a tremendous amount of positive feedback that is based upon thorough research and real methods that have helped many couples conceive when it looked like they would never have children of their own. We feel that Pregnancy Miracle should be considered as a valuable resource for couples that have either been diagnosed as being infertile or those that are just having difficulty in becoming pregnant.