April 18, 2024



God’s Precious Moments And Miracles

We live in a world of violence, poverty, and fear. non dual teachers that stand out in the world and destroy, rather than build up and prosper. That may be true on the outside, which looks at times so gloomy in the world. On the inside though, in our small little worlds between each other, there is hope, love, and a real natural beauty in the world. These constructive and powerful things which are free in the world,can’t be taken away or lost. It’s all around us, for every faithful heart to feel, and every faithful eye to see.

In a lot of cases the word coincidence is used, to explain or justify so many spiritual things in the world. It’s to bad people don’t realize, there is no such thing as a coincidence. It does take an act of faith though, in somebody greater than yourself,(my creator, I call God) for the mind, heart and eyes to see and feel, the beauty and the goodness in the world. The longer and stronger your faith is in your creator, the more that this life is revealed to you. It’s rarely an overnight blessing, but a lifetime journey offered to us all freely, just through our faith alone.

Once a person takes that act of faith, through prayer, church, or whatever you decide, your automatically connected to a force of good in the world. That force of good is who created you. He wants only what’s best for you, not what you think is best for you. That’s one of those things that turn people off, or away from their religion. They think they know what’s best for them, but in most cases are terribly wrong. The spiritual laws are in place in this world, and they are not changed for anyone, for any reason. In a short summary, if you do good,good things will happen to you. If you do bad, bad things will happen to you.

Now this is leading us to God’s precious moment and miracles in life. There had to be a prelude to this so it would make better sense, and easier understanding. When you’re connected to God, you take on his vision and heart. Where there was once just a newborn child, you now see a miracle of life being created. Where there was once just a sunrise and sunset, there’s now a true beauty that takes place in those moments. The beauty you never saw before. Then all those coincidences start being put together, in a way you never thought of, or believe they could. The world started making more and more sense, with each passing day of faith. You begin to see those precious moments and mini miracles all around you, more and more every day.

God’s precious moments and miracles are endless. They could fill a million lifetimes. It’s not based on money, or material wealth, but pure faith. The spiritual laws are in place so anyone, or everyone can attain this state of mind. It goes without saying, the way to Heaven, or a better place in your next life, is based on these spiritual laws. The wealth in reality is meaningless, unless it goes to help the sick, poor, and hungry. You will also notice how God shows up most, in those kinds of people. (and like I said, there are no coincidences)