April 16, 2024



Detached Garage Plans – Advantages of Building a Detached Garage

Detached Garage Floor Coatings Near Me are perhaps one of the most underrated constructions there is. Many people do not realize the advantage of having a detached garage which can address many issues that their house may or might have. For instance the design of your house might not be conducive to having an attached garage, or you might need to have a workshop or even an office at home in which case you will need a detached garage to keep yourself isolated from any potential disturbances. Detached garages are also lesser expensive than attached garages and can offer you a lot more choices than the former.

So if you think that a garage all by yourself then its time to get to work, the first thing to when making a garage is to get some good detached garage plans. Be sure that the plans are from experts in the field of construction and/or woodworking. You can easily find such plans on the internet, or even a home improvement store. Be sure to be certain of the size that you require as that is the most critical part of designing the garage. To be safe you could go in for a 20×36 size garage which should easily fit most vehicles out there. However this is just an example and you should consider your own requirements before arriving at such figures.

Any woodworking expert will tell you that you need to have at least 30 inches of space either between two vehicles in a garage or between the wall of the garage and the vehicle standing inside. This is to ensure that you can open the door of your vehicle without trouble. Add to this any extra space that you might require for other equipment such as a lawn mower, bicycle, motorcycle etc and you can very well imagine why you will require a large enough garage.

Besides, having an amply spaced garage is the best way to have extra space for any storage that you might have in the future. Having a detached garage also allows you more construction options for expanding; this is important as many people like to create an attic on top of their garages as a place for more storage; doing this with an attached garage is very hard.

Having a detached garage can also increase the value of your property as you can boast of greater storage space and better aesthetics. Given all the advantages it is no wonder why you should not build yourself a detached garage.