June 17, 2024



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Betting Odds of American Roulette – Is It a Safe Bet Or a Big Risk?

When it comes to roulette, it is all about pure luck and with no doubt, there is no proven way to evade the house edge in this game. No matter you are ثبت نام سایت تتل بت on your lucky number, your birthday date or even the last two digits of your phone numbers, it is all the same at the end. Most people think that roulette is no-skill game.

In some cases, the dealer who had been throwing the ball for a long time, do not change the releasing spot, the angle and the speed of the ball so, it lands in a small range of numbers. Only those who are closely monitoring the game could spot such cases and start to bet accordingly. This type of players can predict where the ball is going to land.

Another rare case where luck is not the only factor is the case of defected roulette wheel. A crack in the wheel or a difference in the height of the metallic strips between the numbers could be the reason for unbalanced wheel. This is a rare condition because any casino management is monitoring the wheel balance closely and they will discover such defect very quickly.

Several casinos now have screens displaying the last dozen of numbers that appeared on the roulette wheel. Some players prefer to wager the numbers that appear more than once in these numbers, others would concentrate on the last numbers with a hope that the wheel is unbalanced. Other players would prefer to follow the winning players on the table hoping that they have the secret of winning. These systems have the same winning odds as other systems too.

Roulette is a slow-paced game, when compared to other casino games. This makes the game players more prone to follow a betting system. Some systems could minimize the losses and others could yield disastrous results. Below, you will find a handful of the systems that proved a high level of reliability over the last decades. Whenever you lose, you double the next bet so, when you win, the profit is equal to your original bet. An initial bet of 5 $ and three consecutive losses then a winning at the fourth round will result in 5 $ net profit. At that point you can start over again with the initial bet.

In a perfect world, this could be a very safe solution but it is hardly applicable in the real world because of many things. Among the most important reason is the table limits. For example if you started betting with 5$ and you are doubling your bet every loss then you are paying 320 $ on the seventh round. If the table has a limit of 500 $ then you won’t be able to enter the 8th round with 640 $ and you are not able to compensate your previous losses. Nothing guarantee that after 7 losses you will eventually win. The wheel has no memory so the losing or the winning series could last for unpredictable periods and who is capable of risking 640 $ just to win 5$.

Another amplification of losses and increment of money at stakes, in this betting system, the player will double the bet and add another betting unit. This means that a 5 $ initial bet will be 15 $ on the next up to 600 $ on the sixth bet. This means that your opportunity to win is even lower than the martingale betting system.

This is relatively safer than the other betting systems but, it is not delivering a solid solution for the problem. In this method, the player will set a series of numbers with a summation equals to his initial bet and when he wins, he omits the winning numbers at both ends of the series. In case of losing, the wager value is added to one end of the series.

If everything goes smoothly, like a loss followed by a winning round then couple of losses and winning again then three more losses. The sequence will be 3 – 3 – 6 – 9 so, the player will only put 12 $ at stakes and 2 winning in a row will close this series of number bringing the player back to square one. Although the cancellation betting system won’t get the player to bet large wages, it can still bring up a lot of losses before you can make a winning complete sequence.