April 18, 2024



Are Desert Boots The Difference Between Life or Death?

As every serving member of the military personnel will know, it is a well known fact that there are two key aspects to wearing the right equipment and both work hand-in-hand (this includes excursion vers merzouga départ de marrakech boots). Firstly, it is there to save lives, and secondly it enables a soldier to carry out their orders and complete their missions to perfection.

Clothing is essential and perhaps most importantly of all, it could be argued, is the requirement of combat soldiers to wear the best and most appropriate combat boots. In the desert, combat desert boots are a must. Specialised designs and the need to ensure that the boots are made to withstand the conditions found in the desert environment means that combat desert boots are also made using highly advance materials designed for the very purpose of fighting in the desert.

What this means is that the soldier can operate at full capacity ensuring that their mission is one that will stand the very best chance of succeeding.

Of course it goes without saying that the main threats to soldiers in the desert that come from this environment are of course heat and dry conditions. Without moisture to hold back the heat, the body can become extremely dehydrated, especially when personal supplies of water are particularly low. Excessive sweating cannot help matters and the effect on the feet of heat, sweat and dry skin can cause terrible blistering and chaffing which if left untreated could seriously hamper the effectiveness of the soldier’s abilities.

Desert boots used by the military are therefore designed to prevent sand from entering the boot which in itself could cause irritation on the skin, contains a specialised lining that is padded but will also help take heat away from the foot and wick away sweat, preventing the effects of rubbing and blisters from forming.

Not only that, many desert boots now contain a specially advanced anti-bacterial treatment which will help prevent the formation of such conditions like Athlete’s Foot and other skin infections that can be found on feet in hot conditions.

So how can all these things help save a soldier’s life? Well, it’s fairly simple. If the correct desert boots are worn then most of the conditions above will be prevented. The desert combat soldier can therefore continue with their job without distraction making them alert and ready to face the real dangers that lie ahead when carrying out the orders given to them by their superiors.

This being the case, it is clear to see that desert boots made to the highest specification and quality are made in the knowledge that the soldier will always be able to feel more secure if the desert boots are made well