June 17, 2024



5 Movies From the 80’s That Should Be Remade

There have been so many remakes and reboots of best spiritual movies of all time from the 80’s that it is starting to get out of hand. It also doesn’t say much for Hollywood writers, that they can’t think of anything original. I guess though, like most people we just feel nostalgic about the movies we loved growing up. And if you are a child of the 80’s like I am, then you know that there are a lot of classics that just should not be touched. But on the other hand, there are also some movies that weren’t blockbusters, but they were still popular, even to the point of gaining a cult following. These are the kind of movies I think would be ripe for the picking. The ones that could benefit from modern CGI effects. They are also the ones that won’t have legions of fans up in arms, over having their favourite movie rehashed. These are just 5 of my picks for movies that need the Hollywood makeover treatment. I tried to get a little something from each genre, but as you will see, I tend to lean towards comedy.

This was one of the first in what would be a long line of movies trying to cash in on the success of Star Wars. At best it would have been considered a B-Movie classic. The story goes like this. An evil Overlord decides that he wants a little planet called Akir, all to himself. So the hero, (Shad) takes the planets only spaceship and goes off in search of others to help defend his planet. In his travels he finds 6 mercenaries to go into battle with him. The plot of this movie is very basic, but its the different aliens that Shad teams with that make the movie interesting. There is some humour, and for the time and budget, not too shabby special effects. But I could see this being a much better movie with up to date CGI, and some better actors.

With every other horror movie franchise being rebooted. Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street. Why not find one that really wasn’t all that great, but could be redone into something better. I personally liked House. Even the tag line….ding dong, you’re dead. This wasn’t so much a Horror Movie, as it was a comedy. And that would be the same direction they could go with, should it be redone. To watch it now, House is rather slow paced, and some of the effects are nothing more than rubber masks. The plot goes like this. A horror writer named Roger Cobb who is troubled by the disappearance of his son, and the recent suicide of his Aunt, moves into the Aunts house to write his latest novel, an account of his time in Vietnam. Natually the house is haunted, and starts using the writers inner demons to torture him. Now I’m not sure if this movie was actually meant to be funny, but it was. A fact that wasn’t lost on the people who made the sequel, which was definitely made to be a comedy. I could see this movie being a surprise hit with the right actor attached to it, and a little faster pacing.

I really don’t know how to describe this movie to anybody who hasn’t already seen it, other than to say that its really, really, weird. It stars Kurt Russell, and was directed by John Carpenter. The plot, if there really is one, is that Jack Burton (Russell) a trucker, finds himself in the Chinatown section of San Francisco. After delievering his payload, he meets up with an old friend named Wang Chi. After winning a bet, he agrees to accompany his buddy to the airport to pick up his girlfriend before he collects. At the airport the girlfriend gets kidnapped. And thus the fun, and strangeness begins, as Jack and Wang try to get her back. Along the way they have to battle….Well, this is a kung fu movie, with Mortal Kombat type villians in it, so use your imagination. For me, this movie is just over the top with strange, and is described best on the website fast-rewind.com. An excellent 80’s movie for its kung fu action, memorable tongue in cheek lines, weird monsters, inflating people, and a 2000 year old man who cackles “Indeed” Yep, best to watch it when you’re drunk. But this movie could be redone, and even funnier today.