May 19, 2024



The Gold Star Home Remodeling LLC Star Quality

There are very few good home Maryland fence companies companies that reach the summit – one of which: Gold Star Home Remodeling LLC.

Based in Sterling Heights Michigan, the Gold Star Home Remodeling has no doubt reached ears across America for their works’ renowned quality and reputation of service and professionalism. With the objective of setting themselves apart from its competitions, Gold Star Home Remodeling provides its customers with superior on-time service and craftsmanship, maintains a professional atmosphere with its clients, and exceeds expectations consistently with the help of healthy partnerships with so also esteemed suppliers and expert contractors.

Committed, organized, and continuously training, Gold Star Home Remodeling keeps up with its aims for quality and best customer service – Talk about star quality. Customers always first, the Gold Star group guides its client home owners in finding the best professional remodeler for their needs. Eager home owners could even check Gold Star’s very own remodeling showcases at home shows such as the Novi and trust just about any word from the Michigan Association of Home Builders, a professional free enterprise trade association chartered with the National Association of Home Builders seeking to protect private property rights and provide affordable homes. With the rest of the MAHB members, Gold Star Home Remodeling LLC is always in line with the ideals of the Bureau of Constructions Codes and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as guided by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy which delivers all consumer reliable research on Michigan issues.

Of course to actively preserve its qualified and recognized performance, the Gold Star Home Remodeling constantly hones its skill by participating in the Michigan Bureau of Construction Code’s Online Code Training Series that educates building department personnel to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the codes so they can effectively enforce and inspect for building code regulations, assists builders to construct better buildings that are always in compliance with the new state building codes, and instructs architects and engineers on understanding the new codes that will be reflected in their engineering and designs.

So that’s what makes the Gold Star Home Remodeling an expert. Full service for interior and exterior remodeling, board up services, concrete work, painting, roofing and sliding, granite countertops, all-types tiling, done up kitchen on a budget, warm floors or modern multiple shower heads for the bath, custom bars for the basement, optional deck features, even a collection of all original deck ideas; Advice on kitchen costs and guides on bath remodels, consultation and free estimates, special offers, discounts and freebees, and even handyman services; Best of all, professionalism, promptness, workmanship, and all inclusive reasonable costs and quality results -Trust Gold Star with all your remodeling needs, whether your budget reaches 1 to 20 T, ready to hire or just planning or budgeting, aiming for mid or high quality, you ask and it shall be given. You’re sure to have Gold Star reaching for the gold in giving you “quality remodeling with a European touch”.