May 18, 2024



Cancer Miracles – Here Are 3 Miracles That Are Proven to Cure Cancer

Would you like to discover some cancer acim podcast that will help you or someone you love overcome cancer? If so, then you are in the right place. Thousands of cancer patients have cured their cancer using the miracles that I am about to reveal to you. In this article I will talk about 3 cancer miracles that holistic doctors around the world use to cure their patients of cancer and restore good health.

Cancer Miracle #1: 35% Food Grade Peroxide

35% food grade peroxide is one of the most powerful cancer miracles of all time. A major cause of cancer is low oxygen in the cells. 35% food grade peroxide will flood your body with oxygen. In the presence oxygen cancer cells will die because oxygen creates a harsh environment for them to live. Make sure you use “food grade” peroxide because the peroxide that you see in store is only for external use only. 35% food grade peroxide will not only cure cancer but many other diseases as well. You can add this product to your drinking water or bath water.

Cancer Miracle #2: The Zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark was a naturopathic physician who invented the zapper in 1995. Dr. Clark believed that parasites cause cancer in the body. Parasites are worms that live inside human beings which suck nutrients. Recent medical studies have shown that more than 85% of North Americans have parasites living inside their bodies. Parasites carry a positive charge. If your body tissues are healthy, they carry a negative charge. The zapper is a cancer miracle because it kills these parasites by sending negative charges throughout the body; this kills the parasites. The zapper is safe because it is powered by a 9 volt battery. There are many cancer patients who have used this device to successfully cure their cancer. The zapper also wakes up the white blood cells in the body. When the white blood cells are functioning properly they destroy cancer cells in the body.

Cancer Miracle #3: Laetrile

Laetrile, also known as vitamin B-17, is another cancer miracle that I would like to discuss. Laetrile can be found in apricot seeds, apple seeds, beans, and wheat grass. Apricot seeds are well-known for having the highest concentration of laetrile. Many cancer clinics around the world use laetrile injections and laetrile supplements to cure cancer. Laetrile contains a substance known as cyanide that will completely destroy cancer. Many people have used laetrile to cure their cancer and they are still cancer-free to this day.