June 17, 2024



10 Tips for Printing the Best Business Card Design

briansclub are very important promotional tools for any business. Your business card design has to grab the viewer’s attention and stand out from the millions of other cards in the market. However, printing is rather tricky as you have such a small space to print all your information and graphics.

1. Use contrasting shapes and backgrounds in the card. Black and white or plain cards don’t help; instead combine the two. You could use a white background for half the card and use a contrasting color like your company color for the other half.

2. To make your card even more interesting, you could also use different shaded shapes like boxes and circles to display your contact information. However do not use more than three colors on the card as too many colors clutter the card and makes it confusing to read.

3. Whatever design you choose, you have to include your business logo on the card. No matter if the logo is a simple, single colored one or a unique, multi-colored one, it is through the logo that people remember you. This logo should relate to the business you own, and should be used on a long term basis.

4. Use small text on your as it gives the card a distinguished look. However don’t make it so small that it is not readable; font sizes between 9-11 pt are the best.

5. Always use the best quality paper and ink. Though you may have to pay more, its marketing effects make it well worth it. Matte paper is a good choice; and so is glossy paper with colors that make the card look bright and clear.

6. Regarding the background for your briansclub, you could also consider printing a border around its edge. However the entire image should be balanced, without any gaps between the content and border as it only makes the card look cheap and tacky.

7. Your business card should always match your business. You could use a card shaped like a magnifying card if you run a detective service or have a comb or hair dryer shaped card if you are a hairstylist. Use your imagination and choose a briansclub design that relates with your business or business tool.

8. It could also be a pop-up card as pop-ups make the card look fun, and will definitely attract anyone’s attention.

9. Another option is photo cards, where you have to print a photo in full color either on one or both sides. Use pictures of yourself or something related to your business as the base for your photo card.

10. You could also make your briansclub more interesting and appealing by including embossed or metallic lettering to it. This makes your card content stand out, and easily remembered by anyone you hand it to.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas for your business card printing. Just use the best paper and print, use a concept that is related to your business and with the help of a good printing company; you will have one that really stands out from your competition.